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Running 23+41 minutes

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

First Tine and I did 23 minutes together in her pace and then I went to the park on my own for 5 rounds.
Normally I’m not running in the park Tuesdays but as I didn’t get to run there last Sunday I decided to go to the park today. Besides that, I thought that my shins would be better off by running 8.3Km in the park than 10.3Km on my normal route. Even that the route is harder, it’s shorter and the foundation is softer.

I did the 8.325Km in the time 41:10 which gives 4:56 minutes/Km. I’m very happy with the time as I had set a max pulse of 155 which was almost impossible to keep when running uphill - it felt more like walking up.


Downside was that after 3 rounds my right groin started to get sore. After 5 rounds (yes, you know me, I have to be in great pain before I stop) it was rather sore but not as bad as you could call it pain so I’m not that worried.


Running 24+0 minutes

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

No - I’m not happy. Both my shins are complaining. They are rather moan and I do feel a little pain from time to time but they are not directly painful, have been like this for a while now but I feel it’s slowly getting worse. It’s always hard to tell when the pain is sneaking up on you little by little.

So I decided not to run the 8.3Km in the park as planed (yet again arrh!!) so the only running I did today was with Tine and that was 24 minutes in her pace.

I could have gone to the park and the 8.3Km but I know that it could make my shin problem even worse so I decided not to. Now I will see how I feel Tuesday…..

:-( :-(

Running 23+23 minutes

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

I wasn’t looking forward to my run today as I was not feeling too good, mostly because of too little sleep.

Well Tine and I went out for 23 minutes together in her pace and after that I went for my speed training. Today I was allowed a pulse of 180 but now this max is more or less unimportant as I’m running as fast as I can. The first 2Km I’m not even close to 180, the next 2-3Km I’m a little under 180 and the last 1Km or so I have to back off a little to keep the pulse under 180 but on the other hand I’m so exhausted that I just have to back off anyway….

Today I was a little faster on the 5540 meters route that last Thursday as my average speed was 4.17 minutes/Km compared to 4.19 minutes/Km last Thursday.

:-) :-)

Bicycling 30Km

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Today we were blessed with nice weather here in the afternoon. It was dry (for a change), about 21dg C and quite windy but not too windy. I was tired after getting home from work but as this might be the only day with dry weather this week I decided to go for a ride anyway. As always the hardest part is to get out the door and after the first 10Km I was very happy that I did go for the ride as it was very nice to get out on the bike again.

I wasn’t pushing too hard as my legs was sore from running yesterday and this is only my third ride after a long break. Even so I did get a fair average speed of 29.6Km/h.

Running 12+46 minutes

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

More or less the same story today. It was raining and Tine was tired so I went out on my own. First 2Km warm up and then 9560 meters with a max pulse of 150. Actually I’m starting to enjoy running in this kind of weather, raining and 16dg C. I don’t need suntan lotion and I’m not getting too hot while running !

Yet again I did a great speed of 4:52 minutes/Km and I guess it might be because of the cold weather.

:-) :-)