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Blog is up again !

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Ok, I guess you all thought this blog was dead and gone - me too….

But sometimes you are just amazed and this might be one of those moments. My blog is up and running again as I just finished installing the new version of WordPress (my old one was out of date and hacked).

Before you goet too exicted please remember that my time is very limited so posts here will not be a daylig thing, from time to time not even a weekly thing, but I will write as often as I can as I just have so much to tell.

This year….

Monday, December 31st, 2007

What happened this year ? Why did I stop updating the blog ? What is the right question to the answer “42″ ? There are just so many questions and many of them I can answer but it’s just hard to find the time to do so….

A lot had happened this year, that I can say for sure !

Some of the big highlights was:
My sister and her boyfriend, both from USA, came for a few days and we had some great days together, I was just so happy to see them !
Tine and I rented a cottage in Jutland, did some serious sightseeing and had a great - but busy - time. Besides that Tine and I did a lot of great small one day trips too.

I have been running and bicycle riding quite some. In total I have been running 763Km on my own and about 160Km with Tine. On the bicycle I “only” did 784Km witch is a lot better than the ~200Km last year so I hope this will be a turn around and I will do a lot mere bicycling next year !

This was also the year where i got special made supports in my shoes and a handful of exercises to help me with my knee problem witch always comes when I start to run trips of 8-10Km. All looked good until my first official 10Km run, then the problem came back big time. This was the main reason I stopped updating the blog about my running as it wasn’t going good and I was so disappointed and didn’t feel like writing about it…
Well I’m not a quitter so I turned to a new physiotherapist for another kind of help. Now I’m going to a gym for weight training after a plan he has made for me. We update the plan about once a month so now I’m getting all the help I need from someone that really know what has to be done. I have been going for one and a half month now and I feel it’s really helping a lot !!!

I have started to go to a speech therapist as my stuttering have gone from bad to worse the last few years. I do feel progress in my speaking now but I have to say it’s hard work and there are days or weeks where I just feel the progress is to slow.

So as you can see, I have had a lot to write about but the circumstances and lag of time has prevent me from updating my blog. I hope to start updating again from now on, and even post something from the many trips Tine and I did this year. So don’t be surprised if older posts suddenly appear…..

At last let me take the time to wish all readers, all I know and especially my family in USA a happy new year !!!

My new blog !

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

This is my first contribution on my new blog. I hope I will do a lot better on update this blog than I was on the old one - well that should not be a problem as I hardly can’t update it less….

Yes you might have noticed by now that this blog is in English and not in danish as my old one. The main reason for this is that my mother and my sister doesn’t read danish. With this blog they do have a chance on following some of my doings for a change, as I haven’t been good on updating them by e-mail in the past. Of cause everyone are welcome to read my blog and make comments if decided.

The only downside on doing this in English is that it takes me a lot more time to write. Danish is my main language and I’m not that good on writing in English so you will need to bear with me here.

In spite that this is my first post, you might check for earlier contributions as I will slowly try to write about stuff that already has happened and place them here on the right date. Why you may ask ? Well I feel I have something to tell…