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Running 23+26 minutes

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Today Tine and I did her 23 minutes of running. Sadly she didn’t feel to good but she managed to do all of the 23 minutes so if you ask me I think she did very good !

After that I did my 5540 meters. This time I was allowed a max. pulse of 160 and I have to say that it made it all much more fun. I’m holding quite a lot back when I run with a max of 150 but this year I will try to keep out of injuries so that’s why I’m holding back.
As I said it was fun to be allowed to run faster, and I did the 5540 meters in 26:40 equals a pace of 4:48 minute/km….. I’m looking forward to see with an even higher pulse….

Evening at the Zoo

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

This evening my girlfriend, her brother and me when to the Zoo. The Zoo had a special offer for us with season ticket where we could visit the Zoo at night and bring one along for free. It’s always special to visit the Zoo at night and see that most of the animals are more or less sleeping.
Here are some pictures, click on them to see a bigger version. If you want to see more pictures, just look here.

This gibbon keeping it’s balance very well and a duck swimming just below it.

Pic Pic

I really like this picture of the flamingos with the reflection and the lion cubs are just cute.

Pic Pic

The polar bear and the brown baby bears were sleeping tight.

Pic Pic

All the sea lions was sleeping too, here are one of them.


Now this is something. Normally we can’t find the sloth or if we do find it, it’s far away, but this time we were lucky. After the first picture some idiot had to poke the sloth to see if it was alive but I guess it’s used to fools like that and it gave me a chance for a nice photo too.

Pic Pic

Here is just one picture of a butterfly inside the tropical house, I really like this picture. The tigers wasn’t sleeping yet so I got this picture of one of them.

Pic Pic

Those two parrots was just talking and one of the tasmanian devils was out for a little exercise.

Pic Pic

I think the two next pictures are great. The sleeping rhinoceros was taking through a little window at 1/15 sec. handheld. The giraffe was taken at 1/1 sec. handheld but supported a little by a fence and the giraffe didn’t move much.

Pic Pic

Running 21+33 minutes

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Once again we are home from running…

Tine and I did her 21 minutes according to her schedule without problems other than she feels it’s hard work. But I think she is very happy as she is only 5 days from her goal of running 30 minutes and I’m very proud of her.

After that I did my 6660 meters according to my own program. That took me 33 minutes and 45 seconds which is a bit too slow, or maybe not but I would have hoped it was faster. It gives a pace of 5:04 minutes/Km and I hoped it was under 5:00. Ok, maybe I can’t expect to be under 5:00 minutes/Km now I make the run longer and longer and still keeping the pulse under 150. Maybe it’s just because I didn’t feel too good today. Yesterday I was feeling quite bad, today I was just a bit unwell.

I’m running again Thursday, but shorter (5440 meters) and with a higher max. pulse of 160 and I’m looking very much forward to see what pace I can do then….

Running 23+30 minutes

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

We were very lucky… The weather forecast for today said rain, rain and rain. In spite of that we got out at a time with no rain and the sun was almost breaking trough the clouds - just almost. Well I don’t mind running in the rain but if I can choose I prefer dry weather.

My girlfriend Tine had to run 23 minutes according to her schedule and she did very fine even that she didn’t feel too good today.

After running with Tine I go out on my own 6040 meters with a max. pulse of 150 as planned. It took me 30 minutes and 10 seconds and back home I can see that the speed was 4:59 minutes/Km a bit slower than last Tuesday but still under the magic 5:00 minute/Km that I always hope to stay under.


Bicycling 26Km

Friday, May 25th, 2007

The weather was fine today and only a little windy, so after I came home from work I went out on my 26.2Km route on my bicycle. As you might have read, I surprising did the same route with an average of a little over 30Km/h (18.6mph) two days ago and I didn’t expect to do that again today, but somehow I did end up at the right side of 30Km/h, with an average of 30.5Km/h (almost 19mph), a little faster than two days ago and a new record for this year - wow.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to set a record every time I’m out on the bike. First of all it’s impossible, second I think it would take all the fun and nice feeling out of the exercise and become hard work instead. I do try to ride at a good pace but only as fast that I can still enjoy the ride.

One other thing I have to point out is that with the ride today I have now driven a total of 512.7Km (319 miles) this year ! That means that I have already passed my half way goal of doing at least 500Km this year and now I think that the 1000Km is within reach.