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Running 22+5/15/5 minutes

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Are you wondering about the title ? Don’t, I will explain…

Started by running 22 minutes with Tine in her pace and then doing my tempo training as it’s Thursday.

Until now I have runed 5.54Km tempo each Thursday, but as I started to get into too much trouble with my shin, and don’t want to go down again with real shin problems, I have decided to break this training into 0.88Km warm-up, 3.68Km tempo and 0.88Km warm-down which adds up to the 5.54Km in total. This should be easier on my legs I hope.

So the explanation of the title is 5 minutes warm-up, 15 minutes tempo run and 5 minutes warm-down. Yes 5 minutes warm-up isn’t enough but remember to add the 22 minutes I run together with Tine, see now it looks ok.


Ok, first time running 3.68Km tempo…. it’s rather short but don’t get me wrong, it’s my hardest run at the week! I’m both looking forward and not looking forward to it…. Looking forward to see if I can match the time or even do it better and not looking forward as it really hard and exhausting.

Well today I’m really happy, did the 3.68Km in 15:05 which gives a pace of 4:05 minutes/Km !

:-) :-)

Btw. my groin is much better today, still a little tender but it almost nothing.