Running 23+41 minutes

First Tine and I did 23 minutes together in her pace and then I went to the park on my own for 5 rounds.
Normally I’m not running in the park Tuesdays but as I didn’t get to run there last Sunday I decided to go to the park today. Besides that, I thought that my shins would be better off by running 8.3Km in the park than 10.3Km on my normal route. Even that the route is harder, it’s shorter and the foundation is softer.

I did the 8.325Km in the time 41:10 which gives 4:56 minutes/Km. I’m very happy with the time as I had set a max pulse of 155 which was almost impossible to keep when running uphill - it felt more like walking up.


Downside was that after 3 rounds my right groin started to get sore. After 5 rounds (yes, you know me, I have to be in great pain before I stop) it was rather sore but not as bad as you could call it pain so I’m not that worried.


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