This year….

What happened this year ? Why did I stop updating the blog ? What is the right question to the answer “42″ ? There are just so many questions and many of them I can answer but it’s just hard to find the time to do so….

A lot had happened this year, that I can say for sure !

Some of the big highlights was:
My sister and her boyfriend, both from USA, came for a few days and we had some great days together, I was just so happy to see them !
Tine and I rented a cottage in Jutland, did some serious sightseeing and had a great - but busy - time. Besides that Tine and I did a lot of great small one day trips too.

I have been running and bicycle riding quite some. In total I have been running 763Km on my own and about 160Km with Tine. On the bicycle I “only” did 784Km witch is a lot better than the ~200Km last year so I hope this will be a turn around and I will do a lot mere bicycling next year !

This was also the year where i got special made supports in my shoes and a handful of exercises to help me with my knee problem witch always comes when I start to run trips of 8-10Km. All looked good until my first official 10Km run, then the problem came back big time. This was the main reason I stopped updating the blog about my running as it wasn’t going good and I was so disappointed and didn’t feel like writing about it…
Well I’m not a quitter so I turned to a new physiotherapist for another kind of help. Now I’m going to a gym for weight training after a plan he has made for me. We update the plan about once a month so now I’m getting all the help I need from someone that really know what has to be done. I have been going for one and a half month now and I feel it’s really helping a lot !!!

I have started to go to a speech therapist as my stuttering have gone from bad to worse the last few years. I do feel progress in my speaking now but I have to say it’s hard work and there are days or weeks where I just feel the progress is to slow.

So as you can see, I have had a lot to write about but the circumstances and lag of time has prevent me from updating my blog. I hope to start updating again from now on, and even post something from the many trips Tine and I did this year. So don’t be surprised if older posts suddenly appear…..

At last let me take the time to wish all readers, all I know and especially my family in USA a happy new year !!!

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